Planning just became a lot easier

The ultimate social platform for your planning needs
Make sure you take the most out of your free time

Plan with ease

Meadow helps you and your friends stay on the same page while getting ready for your events. Meadow is a convenient application where you can create and event and:
· Discuss your plans with your friends
· Manage preparations for the event and divide the tasks
· Keep track of your expenses
· Take notes and share them with the group
· Vote on places to go and stuff to do
· Share photos and videos after the event is over

Start planning

Key features


Make sure all communication stays where you can easily find it whenever you need to

Event Itineraries

Plan everything you want to see or do

Convenient storage

Keep track of all the important files you need before then event. Then, after the event is over, come back to share the pictures


Assign tasks, keep track of completion and make sure everything gets done in time


Can't make an important decision? The other participants can help you with that

Event budgets

Track personal expenses and event costs